New Students

We extend a warm welcome to Fedora andEbony, who have joined our senior class, and toAntonella, who is in Waihakeke. We are certain that you will find your time here enjoyable and fulfilling.

Welcome Fidora and Ebony

Mid-year Reports

Your child's mid-year report will be available on HERO from Sunday. If you encounter any issues accessing HERO, please don't hesitate to contact Lisa at the school office for assistance.

Dalefield School Learning Conferences

We are delighted to invite all parents to our upcoming parent-teacher learning conferences scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday.Please make a booking on HERO to secure a slot. We eagerly look for to discussing your child's learning progress at these sessions.

Native Planting Plan

Thanks to a generous $1000 grant from theQE2 National Trust, we have obtained the first batch of native trees, including Tarata, Ngaio, Mahoe, Cabbage trees, and Harakeke. Our senior students are currently researching these native species to understand the optimal conditions for their growth. These plants will be planted along the western fence line to safeguard our vegetable gardens.

Additionally, we have earmarked the second lot of plants for the garden in the new entrance way, which includes many rare species such asteucrium parvifolium, lophyrmyrtus obcordata, coprosma wallii, coprosma virescens, olearia Gardner, fierce lancewood, and the local Korokia, found only in three locations in the Wairarapa.This initiative promises to enhance the beauty of our school grounds significantly.

This is Hayley!

Let's give a warm welcome to Hayley, our new teacher aide. With a wealth of experience and a passion for supporting students with learning needs, Hayley will be working with our students every Thursday to provide valuable assistance.

Kapa Haka

Both our senior and junior Kapa haka groups have been hard at work, diligently practicing for the upcoming South Wairarapa Kapa haka Festival, whichwill take place in week 9 of this term. The children are learning new waiata, haka, and actions, building on the exceptional performances from last year.

Wairarapa Cricket Association

We are excited to announce that the Wairarapa Cricket Association will be commencing the Smash Play Skills Junior Pre-Season Programme for six weeks, starting from the week of August 22nd. This fantastic opportunity is available to girls and boys in Year 4-8 and will focus on learning skills through engaging games filled with fun and action. For more details, please follow this link.

During the school holidays, a delightful rhino found its home in Whetū. Earlier this year, Dalefield School was fortunate to win a competition run byCarpet Court, receiving $2000 towards new Rhino carpet. The new carpet has been laid and is now providing comfort and improved

learning spaces for our youngest students in Whetū.

Property Updates

Additionally, we're pleased to inform you that SierraDelta has completed the fencing activity around the pool. Although the machinery caused some temporary mess, we are determined to re-level and restore the grounds as soon as they dry out, transforming them back into a lush grassy area. No more muck - hooray!

From the team here at Dalefield we hope you all have a fantastic start to the term.

Willy Jephson

Acting Principal



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