About Us

sheildDalefield School is a small school situated 6.5 km from the centre of Carterton. It is a semi-rural school, which in recent years has provided educational opportunities for the primary – aged children of the Dalefield – Matarawa – Carterton Districts, as well as for children from both Carterton and Greytown.

All pupils are placed in a House when they start school:

  • Kahungunu (local tribe),
  • Papawai (local Marae),
  • Waiohine (local river) and
  • Tararua (local mountains).

Mixed – age teams work together to achieve success in all learning. Keeping the school environment in a tidy condition is also very much part of house responsibility.. The children work towards earning house points – the winning house gets a special lunch and a movie on the last day of each term.

The school has long standing traditions of animal care, gardening, craft activities and sport. The annual Lamb and Calf Day is the highlight of the school year and there is much preparation in Term 3.

The class sizes range from 15-20 in the junior (Year 0-2) class, 20-25 in both the middle (Year 3-5) and senior (Year 6-8) classes.  A library-multi media centre, a community hall, withdrawal rooms, a swimming pool, a resource room and several playing fields also make up the learning areas at Dalefield School.

Dalefield School